In the Academic Writing module, the tasks encompass the kind of writing that is common in undergraduate and graduate academic settings.

Writing Task 1     • descriptive report based on visual data, or a process or object

Writing Task 2     • essay based on details of an opinion, an argument or a problem



In this task, you are required to transfer visual information such as a chart, graph, table or diagram into text using your own words. For example, you may have to consider a set of statistics presented in a graph or chart, and then summarise it by selecting and reporting the main features. Alternatively, you may have to study a diagram of a device and explain how it works, or you may have to look at a flow chart and describe the main stages in a process.

The target skills in this task are:

  • presenting, describing, interpreting, and comparing data
  • describing a process or how something works
  • using appropriate and accurate language

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