Tips for Choosing a Test to Continue your Masters Degree

You already have a Bachelor’s degree diploma and then want to enter business and management schools. Before that, you need to pass the master test selection, GMAT or GRE. The business and management school is one of the goals chosen because this field can be a way to develop an independent business later.

If you want to apply your post graduate program abroad, there are two types of entrance tests to choose from: GMAT and GRE. They have different interests. GMAT is accepted by all business schools, while GRE is accepted at 1200+ Business Schools worldwide.

Well, considering there are more than one choice and you are confused to decide which one is appropriate, follow the following tips.

  • Know Your Capability Score

The GMAT test has a maximum score of 800, while the GRE 340. One way to find out effectively is to test yourself by doing a practice test. In other words, follow a GRE or GMAT preparation course that provides predictive tests. Does it sound time consuming? Yes, but this is the only way to measure your abilities in these two types of tests.

  • Get to know the mayor difference of each test

GMAT and GRE generally have similarities, including requiring a working time of 3.5-4 hours, using a computer system, and together assessing verbal, quantitative, and writing abilities through a number of types of questions. However, both of them also have differences. Arguably, the GRE tends to emphasize verbal and analytical abilities, while the GMAT emphasizes quantitative abilities. Likewise from the terms of work, the GRE requires you to write two essays, while the GMAT is only one. Learn more about these two English tests from GRE or GMAT preparation tutors at your course.

If you are still confused about making a choice, it is advised to find an English language course that provides GMAT and GRE preparation program. One of the pioneers of this course in Indonesia is Kaplan Edupac. The Preparation class is available both in Jakarta and Surabaya.

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