This time, you will get information about the listening test content and the overview:

  • Time: approximately 30 minutes
  • Content:
    • 4 sections
    • 40 questions
      • Section 1: a conversation on common,/daily/social topic
      • Section 2: a monologue about common,/daily/social topic
      • Section 3: a conversation on study-based/academic topic
      • Section 4: a monologue about study-based topic (a lecture)
    • A range of different question types
      • Completion (form, table, diagram, paragraph)
      • Multiple choice (singer answer, multiple answers)
      • Matching
      • Short answer questions
    • YOLO(you only listen once)
    • There is 10 minutes transfer time in the end of recording


  • If your target score is 7.0, you must make 10 mistakes at most. And if you could arrange your mistakes, it should be :
    • Section 1 :  1 mistake                          0 mistake
    • Section 2 :  2 mistakes                        O         2 mistakes
    • Section 3 :  3 mistakes                        R          3 mistakes
    • Section 4 :  4 mistakes                                    5 mistakes
  • TIPS
    • Listening part seems to be the easiest than reading, writing, and speaking, use it to boost your IELTS score, do not underestimate it.
    • You might loose your focus since there are time to read questions (in the beginning of every section, and may be in the middle) and to check answers (in the end of each section). Make yourself busy with the test to make you stay in the test!
    • You can scratch the question sheets and you will have extra paper to use. Put your answers on question sheets and use 10 minutes transfer time in the end of the recording.
    • Make sure  youpractice listening at least 1 hour everyday.
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