Part 6 of the TOEIC Reading Test

Part 6 of the Reading Test consists of four short reading passages, or texts. In each passage, there are three sentences that are incomplete. You will choose the correct word or phrase to complete each of those sentences. As in Part 5, you will need to be able to identify the grammatical form or vocabulary word that correctly completes the sentence. You may also need to refer to the context of the surrounding sentences to answer some of the questions. In Part 6, you will see a short reading text with three incomplete sentences. There will be four answer options for filling each blank to complete the sentence. Look at this sample text.


Topics for Part 6 reading passages may include:
» Letters and memos              » Instructions
» Ads                                       » Articles
» E-mails                                 » Notices

In order to correctly answer Part 6 questions, you must be able to identify appropriate usage of English grammar and vocabulary, as well as correct use of words and expressions in context.

Another thing you need to be aware of is the distracters. Distracters, or incorrect answer options, will often be words that are similar but different, incorrect phrasal verbs, incorrect word forms, and incorrect grammar forms. For some questions, all answer options will be grammatically correct, but the distracters will not fit within the context of the sentence.

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