SP Jain, Undergraduate Programs 2019 (Scholarship)

S P Jain School Of Global Management, an Australian Business School September 2019 Intake Admission (for Undergraduate Program) Scholarship on Tuition Fee (Up To 100%) offer you programs:
1. BBA (Bachelor Business Administration): 4 years program (year 1 Singapore, year 2 Dubai, year 3 & 4 Sydney)—graduate with Australian Degree, 2 years Post Study Work Right

Specialization BBA:
– Marketing
– Entrepreneurship
– Finance

2. BEC (Bachelor of Economics) and Bachelor of Business Communication (BBC) : 3 years program (year 1 Singapore, year 2&3 Dubai)—graduate with Australian Degree
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KAPLAN EDUPAC, AIA Central, 21st floor
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav 48A, Jakarta Selatan

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