Structure section in TOEFL ITP is designed to measure your ability to recognize language that is appropriate for standard written English. See the example below:

This type of question needs certain strategies in order to answer it correctly as you have to finish 15 questions in limited time. Below are some strategies you need.

  1. Study the sentence.

Your knowledge about English grammar is required to determine what is needed to complete thesentence correctly. If you feel that you have only basic English, you must study grammar a lot. Therefore you can identify the missing word and choose the correct answer.

  1. Eliminate answers that do not complete thesentence correctly.

Study each answer based on how well itcompletes the sentence. Do not try to eliminate incorrect answersby looking only at the answers. The incorrect answers are generally incorrect onlywhen used to complete the sentence.

  1. Never leave any answers blank.

Eventhough you are not sure of  the answer, guess it and move on. If you don’t answer it, you will not have any chance of getting a point.

  1. Do not spend too much time on theStructure questions.

Some questions may be difficult, but remember that you only have limited time. If you spend too much time on structure section, you will have no time to do the other parts of the test. Be sure to leave adequate time for theWritten Expression questions and Reading section.

Overall, be ready for the Structure.

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