The TOEIC – Test of English for International Communication – is an English proficiency test. The first section of the TOEIC Listening and Reading Test is the Listening Section. The Listening Section tests your comprehension of English statements, questions, conversations, and talks. The Listening Section of the TOEIC takes a total of 45 minutes. After you hear each question, you will have a short time to choose your answer. Then you will hear the next question. You have five seconds to choose each answer in Part 1 and Part 2 and eight seconds to choose each answer in Part 3 and Part 4. No part of the audio will be repeated. Therefore, you must keep pace with the audio.

In order to do well in Listening section, you must learn vocabulary related to common topics found on the TOEIC. Make a list of these common topics and words often associated with specific business tasks, occupations, travel and transportation, banking, sports and entertainment, dining out, hotels, and so on. By categorizing words that associated with them, it will help you to study. Here is an example:

No. Topics Associated Words
1 Business Tasks submit, review, evaluate, supervise, duplicate, organize, project
2 Occupations accountant, lawyer, dentist, engineer, physician, event planner
3 Travel and Transportation reservation, transfer, luggage, fare, passenger, gate, boarding pass
4 Banking deposit, withdraw, account, teller, loan, mortgage, interest rate, percentage, balance
5 Sports and Entertainment player, tickets, performance, program, applaud, musician, entertainer
6 Dining Out waiter, server, appetizer, beverage, menu, course, chef, check, tip
7 Hotels check in, check out, front desk, room service, bellhop, concierge


Listen to English resources as much as possible, including in advertisements, notices, and instructions to get used to the language. Internet sites, such as video hosting sites and various news sites, TV and radio programs are good resources to find listening materials. Watching movies in English will also help you develop your general listening vocabulary. When you are watching by yourself, replay parts that you don’t understand.

You need both everyday and business vocabulary for the TOEIC, so build your vocabulary in these areas. You can do this by reading and listening to English. Choose articles and programs with content related to the topics that appear on the TOEIC. Make a vocabulary log and divide it into categories such as the examples above. You can add to the log and your categories as you practice and build your vocabulary.

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