TOEIC® Test Listening Part 3:Conversations

Part 3 of the TOEIC Listening test is a test of your listening comprehension. The questions focus on your ability to find central ideas and basic details. They also require that you make informed guesses based on the language used or the situation. See the sample below:

Part 3 of the TOEIC Listening test consists of ten conversations. Each conversation is followed by three questions that you will hear and see on the page. The conversations are quite short and last only about twenty-five seconds. The subject matter of these conversations can cover a range of topics, from standard business interactions to personal topics.

Conversation topics for Part 3 may include:
» Deadlines, documents, and equipment                              » Restaurants, real estate, and retail
» Raises, promotions, and training                          » Travel, hotels, or free-time activities
» Contracts, sales, and expenses

In order to correctly answer Part 3 questions, you must be able to:

  • pre-read questions to predict important information.
  • understand paraphrased language in answer options,
  • identify key facts from a conversation,
  • understand the main idea of a conversation,
  • make conclusions based on details,

Sometimes there is information in the conversation that will mislead or confuse you. Don’t choose an answer just because it includes a word from the recording!Some correct answers are not stated directly in the conversation. You must listen for vocabulary clues and for paraphrased information to find the answer. Good luck!

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