TOEIC® Test Part 4: Talks

Part 4 is a test of your listening comprehension. You will listen to short talks by a single speaker, answerquestions about central ideas and basic details, and draw conclusions basedon the information you hear. See the sample below:

This part is very similar to Part 3. The main difference is that Part 4 features ten talks by a single speaker instead of conversations between two or more speakers. Each talk is followed by three questions that you will look at on the page as you listen. The talks are quite short and often last less than a minute each.

Topics for talks in Part 4 may include:
» Weather and news reports                                      » Office schedule listings
» Airport and train station announcements              » Store sale announcements
» Voicemail messages                                                    » Speeches about business advice
» Advertisements

In order to correctly answer this part’s questions, you must be able to:

  • pre-read questions to predict important information.
  • understand the topic / main idea of a talk,
  • identify key facts from a talk,
  • understand paraphrased language in answer options,
  • make conclusions about a talk based on details,

Another thing to remember that this part has a specific characteristic that you need to anticipate. Answer options may repeat words or use words thatsound similar to words used in the talk. Be careful! These types of wordsare often used to distract you from the correct answer option.As in Part 3, some correct answers are not saiddirectly in the talk. You must listen for vocabulary clues and paraphrased information to find the answer.Preparation makes perfect.

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