TOEIC® Test Part 5 : Incomplete Sentences

Part 5 of the Reading Test consists of 40 items—each one a sentence with a blank. Youwill choose the correct word or phrase to fill the blank. You will need to be able to identifythe grammatical form or vocabulary word that correctly completes the sentence. See the sample below :

Topics for Part 5 sentences may include :

» Office issues
» Financial issues
» Sales and marketing
» Business transactions
» Transportation
» Tourism
» Entertainment and dining out
» Schedules


All Part 5 items consist of a sentence with a blank and four choices for fillingthe blank. Items focus on the following types of issues.
• Words that seem similar butare different
Word forms:
• Noun, pronoun, verb, adjective,and adverb use

  • Infinitive and gerund use
    • Missing subject
    • Missing verb
    • Phrasal verbs
    • Missing object or complement
    • Missing preposition or adjective


In order to correctly answer Part 5 questions, you must be able to determine what part of speech is missing. Then you must be able to identify the correct word or expression to complete the sentence. Your knowledge on their functions and structure will determine how well you can answer the questions.

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