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Oscar -TOEFL iBT 96-

When I first joined KAPLAN EDUPAC, I scored just 69 on my first practice test. At first, I was confused because i was pretty sure that I did really well on the test. However, after three months of studying at KAPLAN EDUPAC and learning about what I was missing, i took the TOEFL iBT International Test and got 96 on my first try. KAPLAN EDUPAC not only taught me strategies and techniques for doing well on the test, they also increased my confidence. Thank you KAPLAN EDUPAC!

Quincy – TOEFL iBT 98-

KAPLAN EDUPAC is the best English study center! In December I took a TOEFL preparation course. My teacher taught me a lot about the TOEFL iBT test including tips and tricks for answering difficult questions. My English improved considerably when I took this course. In January, I took my first TOEFL iBT test and I received a score of 98 which was amazing for me. I am really grateful for what I’ve achieved when I remember that I am only from a local school and it is all due to the help I received at KAPLAN EDUPAC.

Ching Yi – SAT 2070

KAPLAN Edupac played an important part in helping me achieve a higher score on SAT International Test. The Tutors here are very friendly and encouraging, and they have helped me realize my potential to score higher than i did before. Thank You KAPLAN Edupac

Gita Armarosa Putri Sembiring

My name is Gita Armarosa Putri Sembiring and I attended a TOEFL IBT preparation course at Kaplan Edupac in Jakarta. I really enjoyed my studies and experiences at Kaplan Edupac because the course provided the strategies I needed to achieve my goal–to score better on the TOEFL test. My instructor helped me to see my strengths and weaknesses by providing useful feedback which better prepared me to improve my score. Also, the practice tests were very useful. They helped me become familiar with the actual conditions that I would face on test day. The
staff were very friendly and helpful which put me at ease as I prepared and registered for this very important examination. I highly recommend that future test-takers, particularly first-timers, attend Kaplan Edupac’s TOEFL IBT Prep Course.

Ezra – TOEFL iBT 99

“I had never taken a TOEFL IBT test and I didn’t have any idea what the test
would be like, so I decided to take the holiday class that KAPLAN Edupac
In an intensive course taken over the span of two weeks, I learned about the
many types of questions and strategies and about how to answer the questions
efficiently and correctly. After all the practice that we did in class, I
had a better understanding of how to acquire the necessary information to do
well on the test and manage my time during the test. By the time the class
ended, I was very accustomed to the TOEFL IBT. When I took the test I could
answer the questions with utmost confidence.”

Jonathan – TOEFL iBT 112

I joined Kaplan/Edupac in April 2015 and took the TOEFL class to improve my score. I had no idea what TOEFL was or how the test worked. Under the mentorship of my teachers, I gained the various knowledge and skills I needed to succeed and get the score I wanted. I was given assignments that sharpened my skills in all aspects of the test and I learned various strategies for better managing my time. In addition, I learned how to acquire the necessary information from all types of question prompts and, most importantly, my confidence was increased because of my interaction with native speakers. All of these factors boosted my scores greatly to 112. Thank you Kaplan/Edupac.