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Natasya P. Tanri -TOEFL 105-

I was in a rush to take TOEFL iBT test for school application, however, i
had never been in TOEFL class or taken the test before. So i had no idea
about the test and didn’t have any preparation to take it. My friend
recommended me to enroll Kaplan Edupac in order to help me get a good or
even high score within a short time. Fortunately, here Kaplan Edupac
provides private class for short course with experienced and professional
teachers. My teacher here have guided me in each step during the courses
and helped me to understand the techniques that are needed to effectively
achieve high score in TOEFL test. As the result, I got above 100 for my
first try in TOEFL iBT test.

Navya Shukla -SAT 2150-

The SAT classes I attended were immensely helpful in introducing me to the SAT test and how to go about improving my score. The tips and tactics made a once complicated test much more simple, especially the writing section. After the end of my class, I didn’t have to review heaps of additional SAT books. Instead, I just concentrated on practicing as many tests as possible and applying the strategies I learned, which was great.

Jessica SAT 1950

“Over the span of two weeks I learned what would benefit me beyond the scope
of academics, schooling and college. I learned how to truly read, analyze,
evaluate and synthesize. Above all, I learned how to be a successful
student. The SAT course not only helped prepare me for the test, it also
provided tools for higher learning.

In addition, the friendly environment at Edupac served as a catalyst for
viewing things differently. I learned not to fear the unknown because my new
skills increased my curiosity and willingness to search for multiple
solutions to a problem–something that I thought was impossible.

Hence, I made new discoveries about myself throughout this course. I can
truly say that, if I hadn’t attended the course, I wouldn’t have made these
realizations and achieved a 1950 on my official SAT test.


Christabel Maria SAT Score 1930

I scored 1700 on the KAPLAN SAT diagnostic test. That is not enough to compete with the best students applying to the most prestigious universities. Therefore, I took a SAT preparation course at KAPLAN. I learned valuable lessons and honed my test-taking skills during the six-month course. At KAPLAN, we were not simply given basic knowledge about the language and math, but also taught the intricacies of the test. I learned how to manage my time and finish all the questions. At the end of the day, KAPLAN helped me to increase my score to 1930.

Kenzo Juliantino TOEFL iBT Score 99

I only managed to get a score of 76 when I took a TOEFL placement test, so I decided to sign up for a TOEFL class. At first, I felt extremely intimidated because I was the youngest among my classmates. However, all of them were very friendly and we formed a great learning team. Assisted by our teacher at that time, each and every one of us improved step-by-step. The classes were interactive and exciting. Our teacher taught us various steps and strategies for scoring well on the TOEFL test. Finally, when I took the TOEFL iBT test, I got a score of 99. I would like to express my gratitude to KAPLAN for helping me achieve one of my goals.

Elvina ~ TOEFL student (Score 117)

I have learned English for quite a long period of time now, but when it comes to TOEFL I am not used to the test system. So, I decided to take a TOEFL preparation course. There were a couple of options for me, but I chose KAPLAN, and I found it really helpful. During class, we were taught a lot of strategies on how to improve our scores. We also had a lot of practice tests, which prepared us to be more competitive in the real test. The teacher was knowledgeable about TOEFL and its strategies and also was able to recognize our weaknesses that needed to be improved. Overall, I am very satisfied and I would recommend it to anyone.