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Nadya ~ TOEFL iBT student (Score 107)

When I first entered KAPLAN, I only scored 525 PBT (70iBT) on my TOEFL. Thought it was not very disappointing, I knew I needed more to be qualified in entering my dream university. Thankfully, Kaplan teachers were very helpful in explaining to me how the test works with proven methods. Moreover, they also have helped me in strategically improving my English skills. All of the skills and support helped me in achieving the score that I wanted.

Ardya Dipta Nandaviri ~ GRE student Carnegie Mellon University

I am Dipta, a Master student in Robotics, Computer Science department in Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US. This has been my dream for many years! I love to design and build robots since undergrad. Getting accepted in one of the oldest and the leading robotics institute in the world would not be possible without help from Kaplan where I studied GRE with my inspiring teacher.

Kaplan had given me the chance not just to improve my GRE skills, but also to meet people with the same passions. Having classmates who have the same passion in pursuing masters degree in the US really encouraged me a lot! Again, thanks Kaplan to help me achieve my dreams here.

Deandra Kamilanandi Kusmanto – Top Scorer TOEFL IBT

I started my TOEFL course at the end of November 2012. I was in my third year of highschool so I was a little busy on weekdays but I wanted to take a TOEFL course because I was targeting for scholarships abroad. My relative said that KAPLAN Edupac was one of the best place to take TOEFL/General English course so I planned on coming to KAPLAN Edupac to see myself the place and facilities. When I saw KAPLAN Edupac here in WTC, I like the place and decided to take a course here. And yes, the class is fun, interactive and very helpful for my TOEFL IBT knowledge. My teacher, Mr.Glenn Tester is a very great teacher, he gave me and the class a lot of information so it was really worth my time ( I was taking saturday class) and worth my parents money.

When I took the real test after finishing 4 months TOEFL course, I fee; very ready for the test and was very helped by TOEFL course here at KAPLAN Edupac.