Deandra Kamilanandi Kusmanto

I started my TOEFL course at the end of November 2012. I was in my third year of highschool so I was a little busy on weekdays but I wanted to take a TOEFL course because I was targeting for scholarships abroad. My relative said that KAPLAN Edupac was one of the best place to take TOEFL/General English course so I planned on coming to KAPLAN Edupac to see myself the place and facilities. When I saw KAPLAN Edupac here in WTC, I like the place and decided to take a course here. And yes, the class is fun, interactive and very helpful for my TOEFL IBT knowledge. My teacher, Mr.Glenn Tester is a very great teacher, he gave me and the class a lot of information so it was really worth my time ( I was taking saturday class) and worth my parents money.

When I took the real test after finishing 4 months TOEFL course, I fee; very ready for the test and was very helped by TOEFL course here at KAPLAN Edupac.