Finding Main Idea

Whether you’re reading a single paragraph or a longer passage from a text, it’s important to know how to find the main idea. Simply put, the main idea is what the passage is about. It answers a specific question: who or what is being discussed? There are a few simple strategies anyone can use to find […]

TOEFL iBT Speaking Template for Independent Speaking

For your Independent Speaking task, you’ll discuss a personal preference between two options. In your response, you must explain why you’ve chosen this option using two or three reasons. You’ll have 15 seconds to prepare your response and 45 seconds to speak. 1. Begin by introducing the topic and your opinion on it. Don’t spend […]


TOEFL ITP READING GENERAL STRATEGIES Reading is considered as essential skills for students. The students are required to have sufficient knowledge and skills to succeed in TOEFL ITP test. The students are required to be aware of their ability in mastering reading aspects and skills in TOEFL ITP to succeed the test. Knowing appropriate reading […]

GRE Overview

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized exam used by many colleges and universities for Post-graduate enrollment especially in the United States and Canada. The test is developed and administered by Educational Testing Service (ETS). The GRE assesses verbal and quantitative reasoning skills — your ability to understand what you read, to use language […]

Perbedaan Jenis TOEFL yang Wajib Diketahui

Inilah Perbedaan 4 Jenis TOEFL yang Wajib Diketahui Sesuai perkembangan zaman, TOEFL memiliki beberapa versi, yakni paper-based, internet-based, dan computer-based. Ketiganya bisa digunakan sebagai tolak ukur syarat diterimanya kamu di sekolah di luar negeri sekaligus mengukur tingkat kemampuan berbahasa Inggris. Di samping itu, TOEFL juga tersedia dalam bentuk Institutional Testing Program untuk siswa berkemampuan bahasa […]