General Information about TOEFL and IELTS

General Information about TOEFL and IELTS

English proficiency tests have been the most important requirement to study abroad. There are two types of English proficiency tests that are globally accepted these days; International English Language Test System (IELTS) and Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). For some students, preparing themselves before taking the test is a daunting challenge. They feel the pressure even before it has started. Therefore, taking a course will be a big help in getting you ready before the test. Besides, there are few things you need to consider before taking your test, such as:

1. Set your “bar”

Standardized tests like TOEFL and IELTS are used to measure our English proficiency. Therefore, it is suggested to find out the minimum TOEFL and IELTS score of the universities you have aimed for before taking your own tests. After doing some research, set your target score based on the university score requirements. Then, you can go through the TOEFL and IELTS tests preparation before taking the test. In TOEFL® iBT (Internet Based Test), the score is identified by the level of performance achieved:

  1. Reading and Listening = High (30-22), Intermediate (21-15), Low (14-0)
  2. Speaking = Good (30-26), Fair (25-18), Limited (17-10), Weak (9-0)
  3. Writing = Good (30-24), Fair (23-17), Limited (16-1)
  4. Total Score = (0-120)

In IELTS, the overall score ranges between 1 until 9, where each scales represents specified competencies in English. Each of the four modules of the IELTS is scored on a scale of 1.0 to 9.0, in half–point increments.

  • 1 = Non-user, 5 = Modest User, 7 = Good User, 9 = Expert User.

In conclusion, you have to aim your score as high as possible to meet the minimum requirements of the university.

2. Focus your study!

Prepare yourself with all essentials studying materials before the test. In essence, students need to be equipped with the preparation books and practice tests. If you are searching for the resources from the Internet, you will be flooded with a lot of references. Although they might be helpful, it is suggested to use the resources from the verified English language provider: for example KAPLAN TOEFL® iBT Premier with 4 Practice Tests, and KAPLAN TOEFL Vocabulary Prep.