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TOEFL ITP READING GENERAL STRATEGIES Reading is considered as essential skills for students. The students are required to have sufficient knowledge and skills to succeed in TOEFL ITP test. The students are required to be aware of their ability in mastering reading aspects and skills in TOEFL ITP to succeed the test. Knowing appropriate reading […]

General Information about TOEFL and IELTS

General Information about TOEFL and IELTS English proficiency tests have been the most important requirement to study abroad. There are two types of English proficiency tests that are globally accepted these days; International English Language Test System (IELTS) and Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). For some students, preparing themselves before taking the […]


Achieving advanced grade in the IELTS speaking test is the tremendous achievement. However, to obtain it without great deal of effort is quite unrealistic. In many cases, some candidates are disoriented about what they have to prepare before taking the test. Which aspects of speaking do you need to improve? How can you get the […]

Seminar : How to Score 700+ on GMAT

Starting your GMAT preparation? Stuck with your current GMAT score? Retook the GMAT but your score did not increase? Check out the strategy to increase your GMAT score through several learning methods from Top Business School Alumnae. – Nacitta Kanyandara, Wharton School MBA 2017 – Joice Gumala, London Business School MBA 2019 REGISTER NOW : […]


One of the major challenges that you, as an IELTS candidate, have to face is doing several things while listening. You must recognise more than just names, places and times. You must also connect ideas, organise information, generalise and infer. Here are ‘active listening’ strategies that you can use for all Listening module question types. […]


Test strategies are always needed in any test, so is in IELTS test without which the test taker is hard to gain a good score. Reading is one of the challenging tasks in IELTS . You need to know how to tackle it. The following strategies are always effective in handling reading tasks. It is […]